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2016/8/24 14:39:08
Increased shipping demands bring shipbuilders plenty of opportunities and challenges. JCIN VALVE’s customized marine valve solutions can help shipbuilders and ship owners to select suitable valves in order to save cost and reduce risks. Combining unbeatable tightness with minimal wear on disc and seat makes the Triple-eccentric butterfly valves a perfect match in shipbuilding industry. The most common material used in the seat is metal, but depending on the cargo a soft seat (PTFE) may be used.
2016/8/24 14:38:11
The chemical industry sector is extremely sensitive, since vast quantities of dangerous chemicals are involved. This leads to stringent requirements for the valves used. JCIN VALVE control valves and on/off valves live up to these standards and find frequent use in the chemical industry. We have been meticulous in the design and manufacture of our valves. In design, as well as choice of materials, they are made to meet the control objectives.
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