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2016/8/24 14:43:36
JCIN VALVE offers customers complete solutions for every phase of water cycle period. 1) Applying the most effective method to purified, transport, treat and distribute water. 2) Finding new uses for recycled water. 3) Ensuring the reliability of waste water treatment.
2016/8/24 14:42:25
The design is based on pressure seal bonnet ideal for body/bonnet joint sealing at high pressures. Materials and manufacturing process controls for all products which will be used in extremely critical conditions are treated with particular care. In fact, material composition, heat treatment, welding procedures, and manufacturing processes are strictly connected with the safety and life-cycle of product in service.
2016/8/24 14:41:02
Oil & Gas Industry, usually it includes Upstream, Midstream and Downstream.
2016/8/24 14:39:59
The mining industry covers applications of Exploitation and Processing, of processing, such as acid and solvent extraction of metals, slurries and cooling, its working condition demands the valves have a tight seal, corrosion resisting and wear resisting. Valve innovations are always needed in mining industry to keep improving safety and efficiency in mining and smelting.
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